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DigiPlus Conducted Career Awareness Program at Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy

On 21st March, 2023 a career awareness program was organized on Digital marketing. Mr. Bharath Manohar and the DigiPlus team visited Jamal Mohamed College to conduct a 4-hour guest lecture for college students focusing on Digital marketing.

Rtn. M. Bharath Manoharan M.E., Founder, Digiplus Agency (Chennai & Trichy) is a renowned digital marketing agency.

Whether you are running a small shop or a big company, you need to advertise and promote your product and make them available to the customer. This can only be achieved through Digital marketing. In this AI world, customer should be aware of each and every product, which the company is selling. Now days Digital marketing is not an optional, its must. To increase sales, you have to make your products available to your audience.

Mr Bharath guide students, how digital marketing is changing the world and how they can enhance their career. Digital Marketing is creating a wave in every part of life. It’s online promotion of products and service. The best part about digital marketing is that, it can be done online and offline. There are few techniques and strategies which used to reach the target audience.

These techniques can be learnt by proper training. Digiplus is pioneering in providing training in the field of Digital Marketing.

Nowdays, individuals are spending more time online in search of reliable information. In one minute, more than 175 websites are made. As a result, individuals constantly search for an agency to handle their online business. In this context, digital marketing is crucial. They can manage every aspect of the company, including building websites and generating leads for their customers.

Overall digital marketing use various techniques and methods to connect with customer. The digital marketer team have expertise and knowledge, how to target the specific audience.

About DigiPlus Agency

With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Digiplus is a trailblazing web design business based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. It serves some of the biggest brands in the globe, such as HCL, Suzuki, Delhi Airport, and many more.

The Agency was formed in 2011 , providing services in Social media, SEO, Adwords, Analytics, PR and marketing services with an expert team.

Digiplus goal is to maximize company results by educating and training our esteemed clients on the newest approaches, strategies, and best practices. How can I get in front of my target audience? How can they increase their earnings? How can we establish an online presence in the market and boost website traffic? Get the greatest outcomes by working with qualified professionals.

Why Digital Marketing is important?

In day to day business, digital marketing helps you to connect with prospective and existing customers. Digital marketing is important not only to create a great campaign but also helps your brand to be stand out in this competitive environment.

By using different tactics, it aims to deliver various campaigns that support company’s goal and vision.

Unlike the traditional methods, digital marketing allows you to measure and track the performance of your campaign.

If you compare it with traditional methods, it’s more cost effective. With online ads and promotion, you can easily target large audience. Additionally you can tailor your budget as per your preference.

Digital marketing is also effective in creating a long lasting trust among the customer. These can be achieved by different methods such as email marketing, content creation, social media engagement.

In today’s AI world and due to competitive market, a strong presence of digital marketing is essential for any successful business. Through the strategic use of digital platforms, you may stand out from the competition and draw in more customers.

Since the internet world is always changing, digital marketing gives you the adaptability you need to stay ahead of the curve. Regularly emerging platforms and new technologies present creative chances to connect with your audience.

By customizing offers and content to each customer’s interests, digital marketing technologies allow for increased customer personalization. Higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty result from this, which eventually increases your bottom line.

Overall, Digital marketing is a fundamental shift in how organizations connect and interact with their customers, not merely a fad. It is a vital tool for every company hoping to succeed in the digital era because of its capacity to establish connections, communicate with audiences around the world, and track performance.