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Digiplus Team Exhibits Stall at TieCon (Tie Conference) Chennai, 2023

Digiplus Team Proudly Showcases their Stall at TieCon Chennai 2023, Bridging Innovation and Networking.

  • On December 13th, 2023, at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, TiE held an event for all the professionals, investors, companies and entrepreneurs in which more than 2000 clients participated. Digiplus, a leading web design agency, actively participated in the event. The event, which is organized for two days, is where entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses worldwide unite. They discuss their business and present it to their client. One of the great initiatives by the TiE.
  • TiE (TiECON Chennai 2023) event’s theme was ‘Building the Future of India’, featuring several talks, panels, interactions, and workshops on various topics, including artificial intelligence (AI), marketing, blockchain, healthcare, and the education sector.
  • Its strongest feature is the multitude of options the event offers to introduce your company and pitch ideas to potential investors. This will enable the procurement of invaluable expertise and perspectives from seasoned professionals.

About TiE (TiECON Chennai 2023)

  • TiE (TiECON Chennai 2023): The Indus Entrepreneurs is a global non-profit organization that launched its operation in 1992. The company is located in Silicon Valley. With the help of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals, the company creates a great platform for the inspiring entrepreneur. For the last 30 years, they have been helping entrepreneurs and startups in their business ventures through networking and mentoring. Currently, 15,000 members, including 3000 charter members or mentors in 61 chapters in 14 countries.
  • The idea behind or goal of TiE is to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, industry leaders and investors to interact with each other and create a long-lasting relationship.


  • Digiplus is a pioneer web design company in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, with over 15 years of experience in Digital marketing, providing services to some of the largest companies in the world, including Delhi Airport, HCL, Suzuki and many more.
  • The digiplus was formed in 2011. Social media, SEO, Adwords, Analytics, PR and marketing services are provided by a great team of experts to the clients.
  • Our mission is to educate and train our renowned clients on the latest trends, methods and best techniques to achieve maximum business results. How to reach targeted customers? How to maximize their profits? How do we increase the website traffic and create an online presence in the market? Achieve the best results with professional experts.


Digiplus services

The Digiplus agency provides efficient and quality services to its clientele at affordable prices. Digiplus offers various services in the field of web design:

  1. Web design: Website is the most important requirement for any business in this fast-changing world. We help in crafting a website that suits customers’ business requirements and is easy to navigate for users. As we all know, a good design website is required for the success of every business. It creates a positive customer impression, builds trust and increases sales.
  2. Software solutions: Experienced developers help transform ideas into realities. We use cutting-edge technologies that meet your business needs and drive growth.
  3. Social media Management: SMM is one of the most powerful business development tools when you create a presence in networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and many more. We offer services such as site visibility, usability, optimized blogs, creating a social media presence for your business, lead generation, and increasing sales.
  4. Paid campaign: If you want to increase the site visibility in search engine result pages, this can be done through optimization and advertising called paid searches. Some companies use organic methods to rank their website on the first page of Google search; however, it’s a steady process and takes a lot of time. However, paid searches bring fast results by using selected keywords on search engines and also creating a campaign on networking sites.
  5. Content writing: One of the best techniques and methods to inform users about the products and services offered by the company. Our dedicated team of writers understands the client’s business and creates web-based content to create lasting impressions on clients.
  6. AdSense optimization: One of the popular programs by Google AdSense(PPC) was adapted by various companies to enhance its business. It contains ad items such as text, images, and video clips, which help spread the website’s message. Our expert team provides solutions to its clients by selecting and placing the ads in the right place, so website owners get more traffic and increase sales.
  7. Web analytics: We also provide market research and analysis services using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. These services help clients develop strong connections with their customers by providing them with information on the needs and interests of users.
  8. Content strategy: We have created a successful online presence for many clients for the last nine years. It is the backbone of any online business.
  9. Search Engine Optimization: We provide our clients with high-quality SEO and SMO services, such as keyword research, identification, bidding, purchase, and goal-setting. Our extremely talented SEO specialist guarantees Google, Yahoo, and MSN Top 10 Search Engine rankings.

TiECON Chennai 2023

What are the benefits of Digiplus?

  • Digiplus gains knowledge from accomplished entrepreneurs, financiers, and business professionals by participating in panels, workshops, and keynote addresses.
  • It aids in investigating your field’s most recent strategies, techniques, innovations, and fashions.
  • Additionally, acquire information and advice to help you overcome challenges and grow your business.
  • Developed a platform to facilitate connections with potential partners, mentors, and investors who can provide sage counsel and support.
  • Establish connections with other entrepreneurs handling similar problems to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and learning.
  • Expand your network of professional contacts and create new business opportunities.
  • Participating in major events like TiECON can increase the visibility of your business and attract investors
  • Winning startup competitions or attracting notice at Tie events can help you establish credibility and reputation.
  • Participate in courses, learning and networking events to increase your business skills, communication, and leadership abilities.
  • Expand your understanding of industry trends and the state of entrepreneurship.
  • Get inspiration and motivation from other entrepreneurs’ experiences and success stories.
  • You can find prospective firms and entrepreneurs through networking events and workshops, help in pitching competitions, and presentations projects.
  • Engaging with other entrepreneurs helps in learning recent developments and trends across various industries.
  • Digiplus establishes connections with possible partners, investors and portfolio companies.
  • By participating in the event, share your knowledge and perspectives by participating in panels, workshops, and keynote addresses.
  • Participate in forming the conversation about innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Expand your network and professional reputation in the entrepreneurial community.
  • This great event teaches vital information about business owners’ requirements and difficulties in a certain area or sector.
  • Recognize the new developments and industry disruptions.

Empowering Growth: Digiplus’s Dynamic Engagement in Events and Workshops for Business Expansion

When you participate in events or workshops, the results you receive vary on your participation level and personal objectives. Digiplus takes an active part in the Tie community, it opens up a world of possibilities and resources to help grow your company. The events and workshops connect with other investors and build trust between the two businesses. Digiplus also believes in working with professionals, investors, startups and entrepreneurs. Establishing a relationship also creates trust and confidence among your team. This will provide them with a platform to showcase their talent. The recent event provides a great platform for startups as well.

When you connect with experienced professionals, they share their stories and hard work, which helps new bees acquire new knowledge and skills. In this digital world, where there is a lot of competition to grow your business, this environment needs tremendous focus and strategy. Digiplus works with various clients across the globe. Learning in this kind of workshop boosts confidence and brings business. People spend more time on the internet, looking for trustworthy information. More than 175 websites are created in a minute. Hence, people always look for an agency to manage their business online. Digital marketing plays an important role in this area. They can handle the complete business, from creating a website to lead generation for their clients.