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Inauguration of New Digiplus Office at Kattur, Trichy

With the efforts of Digiplus team, we are glad to announce the inauguration of the newly constructed DigiPlus office at Kattur location. Constructed over a period of 8 months, considerable investments have been made into the planning and execution of the new office premises.


Inaugurated on 29th May 2022, in the presence of prominent business persons in Trichy, the new office opened its doors to our team and our eminent clients. Designed by Architect Vimala Devi, the office is spanning 800sqft of seating space, a separate dining area and a simple kitchen. The inauguration was made spectacular by the presence of BNI Emperor members in Trichy and Rotary Club of Jambukeshwaram members.

New Office Inauguration at Trichy

Lots of joy and cherish– the inauguration started with ribbon cutting by our Co-Founder Ms.Deepa making the ceremony most auspicious in the presence of of our guests, business associate, well-wishers, friends, family members and fellow employees.

Apart from the outsourced organisers, our beloved employees had taken respective responsibilities to make this function a grand success. They collaborated with the event managers and taken ownership in every activity, which showcased their respect and pride towards DigiPlus as an employee welfare oriented organisation and their love for the company.

As the part of the celebration, all the guests, clients, and our beloved fellow employees were served with the meal in the newly constructed dining area. A small token of appreciation was given to the employees who made this occasion more special.


BNI Trichy Emperor Team Photo 1 – DigiPlus Office, Kattur
BNI Trichy Emperor Team Photo 2 – DigiPlus Office, Kattur

Our honourable BNI Emperor chapter Association members made the inauguration most prominent with their presence. Their Intellectual conversation and the eminent knowledge sharing session helped with the extraordinary inputs for our future growth.

Rotary Club of Jambukeshwaram – DigiPlus Office, Kattur

The Rotary Club of Jambukeshwaram, gathered on our inauguration and glorified the event with their presence.

Overall, the occasion was filled with joy and prominence for our entire DigiPlus team. We received immense wishes.

DigiPlus Team

Leading Digital & Web Design Company in Trichy

Digiplus, started with a small team and have now expanded to 25 member team. We handled the clients with immense effort, gained their trust, and received many accolades from our clients’ success stories. We are providing reputed services to all our clients with personalized support. At this time of launching our new office, we thank our clients and our supporters who indulged us to reach many heights.


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