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Press Releases

We are specialized in high-precision distributions. To reach this goal, our experts create a own individual distribution list – exactly aligned to the industry and the addressed targeted groups, without usual media distribution list limitations or side costs. In this way, all media contacts will be reliably informed who report about your product and market environment. Our support completes free pictures-integration and SEO via German premium press portals, as well as other tried-and-tested add-ons such as Google News Germany placements, co-distribution to bloggers and more.

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Distribution Process

The upload section for the distribution data is placed at the end of the page. Before start you get the preview of the press release distribution as well as the media list of the created distribution list for final approval.

Pictures / Press Portals / Google News

The distribution provides free integration of 5 press pictures and links. Additionally, we publish your press release on Top-100 premium press portals in Germany. Add-on tip: Guaranteed Placement in Google News Germany.

Distribution Reports

After 2 business days you get the report containing the number of journalist accesses, who have read your press release. If you also have ordered add-ons, you receive additionally the corresponding reports.

Media Monitoring

Our monitoring system collects all publications done by journalists in all German media (print, online, TV, radio). You receive the clippings via email report. The predefined monitoring period is one month, no extra termination needed.