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Women’s Day Celebration

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, a day to honor the contributions made by women across history, society and most importantly at home. We at home also celebrate Women’s day, making something special for our mother or Even you go for shopping and giving gifts to your mother. International Women’s Day has transformed into a global celebration and an appeal for gender equality.

At Digiplus also we celebrated International Women’s day. Dr.Nivea was a chief guest. She talked about Women Empowerment. She said ‘In addition to being ethical right, empowering women is essential to the advancement of society and sustainable development.

The foundation of empowerment is education, which gives females the chance to end the cycle of poverty and support economic development. Furthermore, independence and financial security are promoted by economic empowerment, which can be achieved through equal job opportunities and support for female entrepreneurs.

She also said, Women’s well-being depends mostly on lowering maternal mortality rates and providing access to healthcare services. Achieving gender equality depends on having representation in leadership and decision-making roles. Encouraging legislation, such as parental leave and anti-discrimination measures, is important to fostering an atmosphere that supports women’s success.So let’s celebrate and make this day memorable for all the women, who sacrifice their career and life for betterment of their family.